Friday, October 22

The fateful chair

This particular photoshoot, believe it or not, was inspired by this charming little yellow chair that my lovely neighbor relegated to his front lawn for trash pickup... I, of course, had different ideas... The chair, I felt, had a lot of character and I decided it deserved a better fate than its rightful owners thrash bin...

Something as charming as this chair of course would mean not just any random place. It had to be special... And most importantly I had decided that where ever I decide to shoot the chair with my model would also be its final resting place. A bit dramatic and perhaps hyperbolic i know... But I wasn't going to necessarily ceremoniously bury it or have a funeral pyre but rather I would just leave it where it served its last artistic purpose. Basically I would put a nude model on it and hopefully capture a good photo then leave it there where it lay amongst the Trees and the Bears of the San Bernardino Mountains. I thought that was a good plan....


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