Saturday, November 27

Glamorizing Salton Sea

I discovered photos of a most interestingly decrepit place called Salton on flickr a few years ago. And I've revisited numerous times ever since because I can not get enough of this place. Its mystic and foreboding in a very sad way but yet its strangely cool in way because you get the sense that the place is unapologetic and is quite happy in its current state. Even perhaps the locals are quite content with all of the decay. They seemingly generally are unconcerned with all of the city slickers who mill about in their locale. It seems they appreciate and perhaps have a somewhat deep understanding that the folks who bother with the long rather boring and barren drive to get there have a sense of respect and perhaps adoration that is akin to the same kind of adoration people might generally have with a true and important remnant of history like say Parthenon or Machu Pichu (somewhat of a stretch i know but I think you get my point)...

It's easy for me to say that I love this place because it offers such a slew of photographic opportunities. I have visited many times to shoot the locale and the picturesque otherworldly Bombay Beach. Even if one isn't into photography this place a great place to see!

Anyway, this time around I came back with one of my favorite art/glamor models, Ashalyn. The plan? Well to glamorize Bombay Beach of course!!!


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