Monday, November 29

The Mental Hospital

This concept/project came about during a somewhat frivolous conversation I had with a good friend Melissa. I'm not entirely sure how it went but I think the idea was that I wanted to shoot something with a cool prop and somehow with just that granular idea Mel jokingly blurted out "A Wheel Chair!". Not long after she did, I was completely enthralled with the concept and began to envision the would be model and her looks (had to be able to pull off the creepy) and equally important, the location... You see it couldn't just be any building that somewhat resembled a Hospital or something, but I felt like it really had to be a hospital. Oh, and I went one step further. It couldn't just be any hospital, it had to be a Mental Hospital (or as a last resort an abandoned hospital)...

As it turns out, there is a somewhat abandoned mental hospital not too far from L.A.. The Camarillo State Mental Hospital. Well here's the Wikipedia on it:

And the photos:


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